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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Mmm... Now That's Good Irony...

So how do you think the students at Cal-Berkeley, arguably the most liberal institution of higher learning in the country, feel about how their football team was treated over the weekend?

They kick ass all season, everyone agrees that they should be playing in a major bowl on New Year's, but some awful voting system that tips the scales in favor of teams in the south and east puts Texas in a big game instead of them. Barely a month since practically the same thing happened in the election for president.

I would go on a much longer tirade about this whole screwing of Pac-10 and west coast football, but I really haven't cared one shit about college football for about 10 years now. It's like a broken record that plays the same 'we got screwed' song every single year at the same time. Until they fix it and get a playoff, I'll leave it to the hicks in south who have nothing else to do all year but get ready for tailgating the Clemson/Alabama game.



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