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Friday, December 03, 2004

I'm Not Afraid To Admit I'm An Idiot

Several months ago I believe I proclaimed them to be the worst franchise in all of sports. Turns out that was just the kind of negative motivation they needed to post the best record in the NBA so far this season.

The Sonics, or 'Sonocs' as those in the know (i.e. Indonesian child labor) call them, still seem to me to be a mirage. They seem to be winning the way no team has ever consistently won before. Namely, by chucking like no one's business. They have zero inside presence and just fire away from beyond the arc all game long.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly why they've started off so good. I guess some possibilities are;

- Shaving off his whiteman's afro seems to be just what Luke Ridnour needed to become really good.

- Rashard Lewis is finally old enough to buy his own beer so he's not tired from hanging out in front of the Albertson's all night anymore.

- Getting rid of Brent Barry was the equivalent of surgically removing whiteness.

And in a totally unrelated story, I just heard that the NFL threatened to fine Big Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers if he didn't remove the slogan 'PFJ' from his shoes. PFJ stands for 'Play For Jesus'. Whatta douchebag. I can't believe I liked him once.



Blogger Dub V.2 blathered...

I did the same thing. I still have bad dreams of Mutumbo clinching that ball. It sends me into a pessimistic fit each year, when on day one of every season since 1994 I write them off.

12:23 PM


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