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Monday, December 06, 2004

We're Losing Ground Fast, People.

Well, so much for optimism. Any and all thoughts that I may have had recently that things will eventually get better in this country, any hope that science and empirical reason MUST move forward and that there's no way the red state religeous nuts can stay in power for very long, I then saw this, and this, and THIS!!:

This is the most frightening brood of future Joads I think I've ever seen. The Duggars, sired by Big Daddy Jim Bob and his infant machine Michelle, are the complete embodiment of the dismal future this country faces. Jim Bob recently ran for Arkansas senate on one issue and one issue only; Stop those abortions now! They also subscribe to a family planning ideology called 'Prairie Muffins'. Bascially, you have as many goddamn kids as your wife can squeeze out. So far there's 15 of 'em. Oh goody!

I myself can't stand kids, and neither can my wife. So whereas we will be doing nothing to help the distant future, Jim Bob and his home-schooled army of intolerant abortion clinic bombers will march onward, choking the 2020 voting booths with glossy-eyed hillbillies who only stop drinking stump whiskey long enough to vote for whatever candidate promises to execute the most adults and save the most embryos.

The only thing that would make me believe in God as much as the Duggars would be if out of their 15 kids, 4 turn out gay, 2 become abortion doctors, 3 become strippers, 2 teach evolution in schools, and 4 are killed in prison for molesting kids in church.

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Blogger Sister Nancy Beth Eczema blathered...

Archivists have recently unearthed one of the controversial early planks to the Prairie Muffin Manifesto: 36. Prairie muffins are thrill-seeking hosebeasts who never get enough cock!

11:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous blathered...

Unfortunately we blue staters are playing right into their hands. Our low birth rates are going to ensure that these slack jawed bible humpers will dominate this county's future politics. Come on liberals, start pumping out the babies! Or if you prefer adopt one of those adorable black market babies from China.

5:34 PM


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