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Sunday, November 28, 2004

SFist Reprint

A weekly bar review column mostly transcribed from stuff carved into the walls of the mens room.

This week's bar is, in our drunken opinion, one of the best in the world. It's been great for years and doesn't seem to have ever had a time in its history where it was over-crowded or far too empty. It stands as a shining example of watering hole perfection, seemingly stuck in time serving drinks to a great mix of people. We love this place. I'm sure at this point we've oversold it, haven't we? Oh well.

The Uptown on 17th and Capp sits perfectly wedged between the 'packed with bridge and tunnel-types' Mission and the 'You might not want to touch that' area of Capp Street. The crowd reflects this and seems to somehow remain at a constant full level and never turns into a mess like the Elbo Room or Delerium. If you can't find a seat, one will usually open up within a beer or two, and the wait for a game of pool is rarely over 1/2 an hour or so.

They've always had really good luck with bartenders at the Uptown as well. In the 10 years we've been going there, as each great drink jockey leaves, they seem to be replaced by someone equally cool. They're always friendly, never short-tempered and pour their more-than adequate selection of beers and spirits with great skill. Combine these elements with a bathroom wall full of some of the best graffiti in the city and it all comes together for one of the best spots in town.

So if you need to drown out the conversations that keep repeating in your head since Thanksgiving dinner, check out the Uptown.

Liver... Out!!



Blogger Scaramouche blathered...

Hey Andrew, maybe you can do a write up on Ben & Nicks where we will have the next blogger's night out.

12:28 PM

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