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Monday, November 22, 2004

They Ain't Neutral About Gettin' All Baked

If you ask the 'value voters' that stopped having sex with their sisters long enough to come out and give Bush a mandate a couple weeks ago, liberal devil-worshippers are destroying this country with their tolerant views toward homosexuality and drugs.

Well according to a new study, Swiss kids are the most drug-addled out of all of Europe, just ahead of England and Spain. The Netherlands, where, last time I checked, pot has been legal for awhile now, ranked only 'average' in use.

When will the idiots in the religious right (and idiots in the left who believe in the war on drugs) clue in and realize that their 'slippery slope' argument is complete and total bullshit and that when you legalize and tax drugs (like alcohol and tobacco) you remove the criminal element associated with them and generate revenue for campaigns to treat and stop new use?

Are there really people left on this planet that don't understand this?



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