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Saturday, November 20, 2004

My Embarrasing Man Crush On Taylor Coppenrath

He looks like me!

It's that time of year again. Time for College Hoops! So here's a preview of which intercollegiate athletes are going to tear shit up! Or as it will be known in Michael Powell's new world order, 'do really well'.

The only award I expect 'the pride of Vermont' Taylor Coppenrath to win is to unseat Curt Schilling in the hotly contested 'most looking like the author of this blog' award. Not exactly the Naismith trophy, but still beats a Special Olympics gold medal.

Alright, let's go striaght into the serious shit. Who's gonna win the whole goddamn thing? Well, I predict this to be the 'year of the Self', Bill Self that is. That goddamn beast Simien and the rest of those idiots will run rough-shot over the rest of the country and Kansas will finally not choke. Thanks in large part to a certain Mr. Williams being a long, long way away.

Speaking of Roy Williams, I also predict that North Carolina will be the big disappointment this year and get killed by UAB or some other fluke of a school come tournament time.

Ok, Player of The Year. This guy had Jim Calhoun apologizing all of last year on his way to winning a fucking national championship. The New England media kept harrassing him wondering why he didn't take this guy over Emeka Okafor (only the player of the year). Ryan Gomes of Providence is the real fucking deal. 10 times the player that that poser Wayne Simien is at Kansas. He will be the most dominating force in the game this season.

That's about enough. You got scoop on best team, best player. What more do you want? Now just count the days until March madness!



Blogger yoni cohen :: blathered...


Came across your blog today. Good stuff. Agree with on UNC. Long live the Sports Illustrated jinx! Tyler Coppenrath is a tremendous player. Who knew he could put up such numbers against an NBA-bound All-American?

Noticed you were a college basketball fan. Hoping you could add a blogroll link to my College Basketball Blog, I'd very much appreciate a link on your site.

And would gladly return the favor, adding a link from my site to yours.


Yoni Cohen,
College Basketball Blog

12:47 AM


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