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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Homeboy, Throw In The Towel, Your Network Got Dicked By Michael Powell...

The needs of the one kook outweigh the needs of the many!!

Nepotism always, always, ALWAYS turns people into assholes. It's not too hard to find recent examples (Michael Powell, Pete Coors, our President) that prove beyond any doubt that people who get their job only because their daddy had the same one invariably become total and complete douchebags.

It's human nature really. You get handed your career on a silver platter and then spend the rest of your life trying to 'make your own mark' on shit. The only problem is that when you haven't suffered at all and everyone knows it, making your mark usually involves a lot of pompously jumping up and down screaming, "Look at me. I'm not my dad! I'm doing things differently".

Michael Powell is an asshole. I know this because I hear his name more than once every 5 years. The head of the FCC should be virtually unknown. The FCC's job is to make sure two radio stations aren't broadcasting on the same channel. All this other moral bullshit is pointless cock-waving by Powell to further his political career and put him in good standing with the christian right.

What does he really hope to gain by all this nonsense? The people who are clapping wildly in approval of the bullying, jerkish way he's run the FCC are the same glazey-eyed christian rednecks who won't admit that the only reason they were offended by Terrell Owens being propositioned by leathery cunt-sow Nicolette Sheridan is that He is black and she is white.

At this rate, network television will be completely obsolete in 10 years, all shows will be on cable and these moronic parents complaining about this nonsense will have no choice at all but to let their kids watch totally uncensored programming. So keep it up, Mike!!



Blogger Roxanne blathered...

Here's an argument I haven't heard anyone make ... yet:

These right-wing yahoos don't consume shit. They don't buy anything because they're always in church. If advertisers want to reach people who buy things (and I'm pretty sure that they do), who gives a shit what the Christian right is watching on TV?

2:31 PM

Blogger thehim blathered...

My local Fox News affiliate showed the entire Terrell Owens clip while talking about how ABC was forced to apologize for it. I guess they wanted to make sure we knew exactly what was wrong.

And it wasn't even late at night

11:10 PM


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