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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A Sarchasm Detector? Oh, That's Really Useful !!

Let's take a look at two of the bedrock beliefs of the 'Values' party, the GOP;

1) They strongly believe that 'Hollyweird' is out of control. Those left wing nuts that run the entertainment industry (A.k.a. Jews) are ruining our children with their nonstop soft core porn programs. The christian right is standing up proudly these days, proclaiming that Bush's victory is entirely caused by value voters that are tired of shielding their kid's eyes from Beer commercials and Janet Jackson halftime shows. Thank god we have Michael Powell and the FCC, randomly fining the hell out of media outlets everywhere so that any and all 'icky' things are removed forever.

2) They strongly believe in unfettered capitalism. Corporations should be allowed to police themselves because free enterprise will ultimately cause companies to act responsibly. As an example, if a company is polluting the environment, eventually people will find out about their poor ecological record (unless they can hide it, but that would never happen) and stop buying their products. So government interference in corporations is anti-american and wrong.

I guess I have just one question, What's the fucking difference?! Don't shrug your shoulders and walk away from me! I'll tell you.

The entertainment industry is the single most consumer driven entity in the entire world. If nobody watches people eat horse rectums on Fear Factor next week, they not only will take it off the air, but won't make another show like it for 10 years. Most other corporations, on the other hand, take years to react to consumer trends. Cancelling a show is as easy as flipping a switch, shutting down a nuclear reactor or a polluting plant can take years, no matter how much the CEO wants it to happen right away (and why would he/she if it's making a profit?).

So once again, the right wing has things backwards. Sure, a polluting corporation will kill you and your children much, much sooner, but at least in the meantime you won't have to talk to them about uncomfortable topics like why that girl on the O.C. doesn't have a panty line.



Blogger Sean blathered...

Some dude wrote a book on this very subject in the 70's, called "The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism." Basically, the theme is that capitalism depends on the virtues of self-control and thrift, but as capitalism matures, the "lifestyle industries:" advertising and popular culture extol the virtues self-indulgence and fucking in the streets. How can they be resolved? They can't. So follow the advice of another great political thinker, "get your kicks in before the whole shithouse goes up in flames."

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