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Friday, November 12, 2004

Do The World A Favor And Kill Yourself #4

Bible? Why, uh, No. It's just harmless porn.

I love freedom of religeon. I think it's just great. Sure, some disagreements will occur. I might think that God is a small toad living in Larry Bird's ass, you might think he's some Dan Fogelberg looking hippie that hovers over Florida doing what he can to make sure FSU covers the spread. Whatever. You do your thing, I'll do mine. Maybe some day I'll have a 6-way parlay involving the Seminoles and believe in your deity for awhile, maybe not.

And I got no problem with passion either. If you want to stand by a fountain in a downtown park and scream at the top of your lungs about how we're all going to hell, then good for you. Flail your arms around shouting until you can't even stand up anymore. Good luck.

But I got a big fucking problem when you go way out of your way, learn a profession based in the medical science you don't believe, and then abuse your power to force your beliefs on others. That's exactly what's happening in Fort Worth, Texas and in other states where pharmacists are refusing to fill birth control prescriptions due to their religeous beliefs. Not only that, but they're taking the prescriptions so that the 'heathen' that wants it has to go back to the doctor and get another one, which probably causes her to miss the pill for a day and could have very negative health consequences.

And those 'activist judges' that the right loves to portray as a bunch of free love hippies are backing the pharmacists based on their freedom of religeon! The drug store isn't even allowed to fire these glossy-eyed assholes.

What's next? Will Christian Scientist pharmacists be allowed to not fill any prescriptions at all? Can he just hand out empty bottles with a note that says "Pray harder. It worked for Jim Henson.".

So listen up you fucking zealots. Stand in front of the pharmacy all you want. Tell us how taking a pill is going to send us all to the lake of fire forever. But if you want to preach from the pharmacy counter, take two spoonfuls of drano and don't call me in the morning.



Blogger Kurt blathered...

I think it's just because, in Texas, they believe in post-birth abortion. That's why there are so many executions up in that bitch. They even use executions as celebratory functions. There was, in all honesty, an execution on election night. I think the guy that they executed was one of those queers that likes boys more than a friend. Die, fags! Don't mess with Texas...especially by, like, trying to touch our balls!

12:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous blathered...


I concur.

No, seriously, I hate religion. Not that you can't have yours, that's fine, but seriously, just stay away. That, or I start preaching my religion of "YOUR HEAD A SPLODE" in a very fundamentally dogmatic way. And by example.

You may now have 2004 back (over-n-out).

2:08 PM


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