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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Phone Calls Are Coming From Inside The White House. Get Out Of The White House !!

Not this tired old picture again

Back a couple of weeks ago, when Osama 'off-road dialysis' Bin-Laden popped his head up to argue politics with Tucker Carlson, many 'hilarious' right-wing pundits pointed out the striking similarities between what Bin Laden said and what Michael Moore said in Farenheit 9/11 (even though most of them claimed to have never seen it).

A much easier comparison to make, however, is between Osama and Gee-Dub Bush. Let's take a look at some of the eery co-inky-dinks;

OBL acquired his wealth from his father, who earned it in the oil business.

Uneducated people from rural areas followed orders from OBL and have killed thousands of innocent people based on slightly twisted reasoning involving the wrong side of a holy war having weapons they shouldn't have.

OBL may not be 'book smart', but followers all agree that he's very charasmatic. Plus, they believe God talks through him and directs him as to what to do.

OBL speaking events have high levels of security to keep out anyone who may disagree with him, and even go so far as to coach those in attendance how loud to cheer, how enthusiastic to be etc.

OBL, despite having much to do, frequently has to go off to middle of nowhere to 'vacation'. When any of his followers question this, he reminds them that he gets lots of work done while he's there, holding press conferences and entertaining out of town guests.

OBL primarily uses one TV Network to disseminate his message (Al-Foxeera).

And finally, one I completely made up. Bush has a secretary named 'Osama Bin Laden' and Bin Laden has a secretary named 'George Walker Bush'.




Blogger thehim blathered...

And both won big last Tuesday.

3:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous blathered...

from our neighboring media across the pond:
Warning over clingfilm 'condoms'

Some young couples cannot afford condoms
Cash-strapped teenagers are using clingfilm and crisp packets as condoms because they cannot afford the real thing, say experts.

Sexual health experts say these improvised contraceptives not only do not work - but do not offer protection against disease.

stupid brits.

8:33 PM


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