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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Here's Some Blame For YOU...

With only 1,456 more days of playing 'whose to blame?' to go until the 2008 election, today I present, Those Asshole Moderates!

Rudy 'one-nut' Giuliani (Yeah, I know, it was prostate cancer, but where's the comedy in that?)

Ed 'What am I so happy about?' Koch

Arnold 'Hitler's smiling from Hell' Schwarzenegger

I sincerely hope that, as you three complete sellouts look at the swarms of evangelicals using a giant cross to batter-ram the doors of the Capitol building open so they can use the United States Constitution to convert new followers, that you begin to regret the cowardly way in which you completely abandoned the people that made you what you are.

You three jackasses (with John McCain as a possible fourth horseman) succeeded brilliantly in selling the painfully reactionary and ill-conceived notion that 9/11 trumps EVERYTHING. Sure, I may want a job, I might want to buy a house, I might want to buy food and think that people should not be discriminated against because they're black or gay or women. But all that shit is completely unimportant when you put it next to the idea of blowing up all the brown people for the actions of 11 radical idiots.

Out of all of these fuckers, Giuliani is the one I find most contemptable. Much in the same way that GW Bush pissed away the good will of the entire world after 9/11, Giuliani squandered every last bit of the false hope that anyone had that he wouldn't be just another partisan hack robotically reciting Karl Rove's talking points and even going so far as to blame the troops for the looting of explosives at Al Qua-Qua. Combine that with the gross irony of an admitted adulterer standing next to the party of 'moral values' and everything he represents just makes me sick to my stomach.

The best I can hope for them is that under the new uber-christian regime, 1) Judaism is made illegal, 2) People with foreign accents are moved into camps and 3) Adulterers are executed.



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