Back when I was a kid, Blogs were called 'imaginary friends' and were only slightly more pathetic.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

The future...

2020-2030: The decade everyone pretends that dick sucking robots haven't been perfected



Delusion in the internet age is the idea that your pervasiveness equates to your ability to convince, that the number of people you reach somehow equates to the number of people that consider you wise. It is the marriage of advertising and politics. If I reach a certain amount of people, I must inevitably convince a certain percentage of them that whatever I say is true.


Analysts: Hey, it's 2017, the best NBA draft ever! Teams: Who are the best guys? Analysts: 2 Overhyped point guards that are completely overhauling their shot, and then 4 or 5 great NBA Stretch players that will be awesome for 10 years. Teams: We'll totally take those first two guys 1 and 2!!