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Friday, June 23, 2006

Dane Cook Steals His Material From Funnier Comics

Everyone seems to love Dane Cook these days. His comedy shows sell out huge arenas full of backward-baseball hat wearing douchebags that love the way he screams his mediocre material so it's just 'that' much funnier.

Well, turns out a lot of his jokes aren't even his. They instead belong to much funnier comedian Louis C.K. Apparently Louis nearly sued him a while back.

And even though today's shitty culture we live in refuses to punish anyone for anything (Ashley Simpson, GW Bush, Larry the Cable Guy), it's nice that someone took the time to put Dane Cook's jokes side by side with Louis C.K.'s material from several years earlier.

Click here to hear the damning evidence.

P.S. Louis CK's show on HBO, "Lucky Louie", is the greatest live sitcom ever.

Click here to hear yet another funnier comedian, Andy Kindler's take...

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Special World Cup Switched At Birth!! Now Taking Requests...

Czech striker Pavel Nedved and Bodhi from Point Break.

US Coach Bruce Arena and Taylor Negron.

Ronaldinho and Chris Rock as MC Gusto from CB4.

Brazilian player Adriano and St. Joe's alum Jameer Nelson.

Brazil midfielder Roberto Carlos and Dr. Evil.

Wayne Rooney and David Beckham from England and Renton and Spud from Trainspotting.


Monday, June 05, 2006

Family Portraits part deux...

Unlike me, I sometimes forget that other people have this thing called 'an ability to stick with a good idea' that allows them to 'not have such a short attention span and resist moving on to something else like a moth to a new lightbulb'.

That said, here's some more NBA Family portraits!!!

Mike Miller
Jerome James
Tayshaun Prince
Gerald Wallace
Baron Davis
and finally, for the World Cup, Ronaldinho!!