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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Off Like A Prom Dress

Mmmmm... Desertey....

Adios suckers! We're going to go watch my brother get married for the 2nd time in the sunny confines of Baja, Mexico. So if you're in the Mulege/Loreto area and want to say hello, just start speaking English and eventually I'll notice you.

I'm going to post up some random time wasters to fill the void and make it look like I never miss a day. So if you wake up tomorrow and all of the sudden this thing is dated for next Tuesday, relax, you didn't mistake 'Murphy's Oil Soap' for Scotch Whisky again. No trips to the emergency room or apologetic phone calls to your boss are necessary, it's just my way of being a completist jack-wad...

I'll post if I can, but I'm not sure what kind of Kbps rate you get on two tin cans and a piece of string.



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