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Monday, May 09, 2005

Am I Supposed To Be Thankful It Wasn't Jazzman?

Last night's first Simpsons episode was completely and totally awful.

In what seems like the fourth or fifth time, the show turned to 'American Idol' for it's comedic material. But instead of wasting my time with more tired Simon Cowell or Paula Abdul jokes, they trotted out someone I care even less about. Last year's winner, Ashanduhar or whatever her name is. And yes, she's everything you would expect from American Idol, completely and utterly devoid of a personality.

And please, if you're James L. Brooks or Sam Simon or Matt Groening and Yeardley Smith threatens to quit if she can't sing in at least one episode each season, LET HER QUIT. Her singing voice annoys me like a community theatre cast of Annie singing the collective works of 'Creed'. It's not 'cute', it's not 'entertaining'. It's just awful. Please make it stop.

Now while I think that was one of the worst episodes of the show I've ever seen, I am not vowing to 'never watch the show again' or calling for some kind of boycott. In the last few weeks, I've read several posts by people claiming that the Simpsons is 'over'. That no matter how much the show meant to them in the past and how much they still love it that the current batch of episodes they're airing are just too awful to stomach and they're no longer going to watch.

I read these diatribes with a mixture of eye-rolling skepticism and geek-hating disgust. Ok, I get it, The Simpsons quality has declined, they're pretty much fresh out of story ideas and it's definitely been a while since the show had a really great episode. But don't try and pretend it's not still one of the best shows on television. There are mouth-breathing house-frau retards out there masturbating themselves into a fury over Desperate Housewives, which, by the way, is one of the worst written shows I've ever had the misfortune to watch. Hell, they're still making episodes of 'Joey' for godsakes. So save your sanctimonious 'I'll never watch again' shit for someone who's paying attention.

When the show gets as bad as it did last night, just take a step back, imagine the pleasure of choking the voice out of Yeardley Smith and move on.



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