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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Hurricane Urination

Mmmmm... That's good pointless gesture...

We are losing the war in Iraq. That is to say, we are not winning. In other words, we are achieving the opposite of our goals. Furthermore, we will never 'win' in anything close to the way the Neo-cons 'foresaw' wherein drooling newly-patriotic Iraqis roam the countryside clutching American flags yelling out how much they love U.S.-style democracy.

Here's a prediction of how the next year or so will go; The new Iraqi 'government', which is essentially being run inside a bunker with 10 square blocks of army soldiers surrounding it will eventually assume 'power' and control the totally half-assed Iraqi police force. The U.S. will proclaim this to be a wonderful new democracy and switch from guarding the government to guarding Halliburton's new oil fields. Within 6 months there will be civil war, the government we spent $400 billion to put in place will be overthrown, and 6 months after that a new strongman dictator will assume power that is slightly worse than Saddam Hussein.

Sound bleak? It is, but that's what happens when foriegn policy is carried out by fundamentalist religeous nuts with no ability to understand nuance and an insatiable greed for money and oil.

Think this is too pessimistic? Just put yourself in the average Iraqis situation. Imagine if you will a United States that is run by some power-hungry mad man. Iraq, scared to death of what this nut might do, invades the United States and assumes power, killing over 100,000 innocent Americans in the process. They then put out a call for American citizens to join the 'new American police', a force whose main job is to be massive targets for the huge American redneck insurgence that finally get to shoot at something besides squirells and stop signs. Oh, and you get to help eliminate our way of life and replace it with one the Iraqis have chosen.

Think there'd be a whole lot of people signing up or welcoming them with open arms?



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