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Monday, January 10, 2005

Take Some Time Off To Go Find The 'Real' Singers

16 years ago, Milli Vanilli's career was completely ruined when they (on a television show not widely seen at all at the time) lip synched their song 'Girl You Know it's True'. As soon as word got out about what had happened, they were forced to give back their Grammy and their singing careers were over. Eventually, one of the members of the group commited suicide and a price was paid for their deceit and lack of talent.

Flash forward to today. Ashlee Simpson is caught red handed doing the exact same thing. Her piss-poor excuses are quickly debunked and now everybody knows that Ashlee is the untalented younger sister of her only marginally gifted sibling. Career over, right? I mean, there's no way the public can be counted on to lap up food that's already been shown to be tainted is there? You can't take a gigantic shit in someone's chocolate cake and expect them to continue spooning it into their mouths can you?

Well as it turns out, Sadly, Yes. Whether it's entertainment, politics or whatever, no one gives a shit when people are exposed as fakes anymore. It's much more important to be 'right'. "I'm not going to believe that Ashlee Simpson is a fake that doesn't deserve my money, because that would be admitting that I made a mistake". "I don't want to vote for a democrat, because then I'd temporarily look like an idiot for changing my mind".

You fucking jackasses that refuse to take any responsibility for your bad choices are ruining this world. Without any ability to admit mistakes, then the world becomes the property of salesmen. If someone can get you to drive the piece of shit car off the lot, he wins, because you'll never admit defeat and bring the car back when it throws a rod 1/2 a mile from the dealership.

So fuck Ashlee Simpson. I hope she's deeply hurt by the chorus of boos that rained down on her at the Orange Bowl last week. I hope that, like Rob from Milli Vanilli, she realizes that the price of her dishonesty is her own soul, and that the only way to escape the constant torture of knowing that you are a completely exposed, talentless piece of shit is to do a mountain of drugs for the next ten years and then off yourself unceremoniously overseas somewhere.



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