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Saturday, January 01, 2005

5% Of Your Milk Duds Purchase Goes Directly To Jesus

It's So Goddamn Hot. Milk Was A Bad Choice

Went to Cockblocker... er ... Blockbuster Video (Wow! There's no pornos!) yesterday for the first time in a while. The first thing I noticed is that they pretty much have shitcanned anything that's not a new release. So unless you want to see something with Jet Li or Josh Hartnett in it, you might be outta luck. It's also pretty clear that their hope is in the future to be known more as a candy and shitty snacks store than a place to rent movies. The neverending Disneyland style line you have to snake through to rent something is lined on both sides with every kind of lard n' chocolate product you can think of.

I always hate myself for patronizing Blockbuster. I feel like any money I give them is going straight into the fundies wallets, so I avoid it when possible. I mostly rent through NetFlix anyway, so hopefully by using them my money is going to anti-christian secularists who want to kill Santa Claus.

What did we rent? Anchorman with Will Ferrell. Much, much funnier than expected.



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