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Friday, January 07, 2005

Hey Hey Detainees!!

Ah, the Corner on National Review Online. What a horrible dump of racist, anti-semetic, hate-filled bullshit dressed up to barely look like argument. Many other sites do a much better job than I could of picking apart their daily screetching so I won't bother. But one thing did stand out to me.

Here's Corner mainstay and complete 'a-hole' John Derbyshire bravely and nobly trying to defend the Abu-Gareb torture:

"I'd really like to know WHICH END OF THE CIGARETTE WENT IN THE PRISONER'S EAR. If, as that first reader implied, it was the burning end (intention: infliction of pain & possibly hearing loss) that is one thing. If, on the other hand, it was the unlit end (intention: at minimum, to make the prisoner feel silly, at maximum, to make him afraid you would let the thing burn right down), that's another."

So according to this fool, there's a possibility that what the soldiers are doing in prisons across Iraq and at Guantanamo is only done to 'make the prisoner feel silly'. What brilliant comedians! I just knew it was a mistake to send the '101st fighting pranksters' to man our prison system. Especially since Rumsfeld has yet to send them the Selzer bottles and flapping dickeys they so sorely need.



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