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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I don-a Think That Word Means What You Think It Means

While visiting my parents back on Thanksgiving, my mother started telling this story about something called 'Bowfire'. It was like a mix of violins and Riverdance! But the monumental awfulness of that concept is not what this is about. While regaling us with the story of how moving it is to see violins on fire and people rigidly dance like they've got a pole up their ass, my mother said the following, "By the end of it, people were LITERALLY standing up and cheering.". My first thought was, "As opposed to figuratively standing up and cheering?".

Since then I've noticed many people 'literally' abusing that word to death. Many people seem to substitute it for 'Seriously' or 'actually'. That guy was literally driving the bus. I literally had to park my car before we ate dinner. And on and on.

But Mr. Scamboogah, you say, your use of quotes and commas tells everyone who reads this that you never graduated college and rarely read books unless they're chock full of pictures or written by a stand-up comedian. Yeah, well get your own blog you liberal elitist jerk! (runs away crying)



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