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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Colin Quinn disease

"this is the sign of a true wingnut -- the belief that one is always beleaguered because other people with differing opinions exist." - World O' Crap

I call this Colin Quinn disease. You probably know Colin from his work on 'Remote Control', Saturday Night Live or Tough Crowd on Comedy Central. A semi-apologetic republican, Colin suffers from incredible 'persecuted white guy' syndrome'. Bring up anything about racism, college entrance requirements or whatever and he launches into a poorly thought out, knuckle-biting rampage about how awful white men have been treated over the past few decades. Perhaps it comes from his Irish Brooklyn, everybody's dad's a cop upbringing. Whatever the reason, it seems to be spreading, and manifested itself bigtime last tuesday.

To quote another comedian, Louis CK, "it's great to be white. It's just fucking awesome". So stop all this stupid nonsense about how everybody's ganging up on the white man and "I never owned any slaves, why am I being punished?". If your racism is so ingrained in your soul that, after becoming slightly educated, you still have to find a way to hold on to it, then you are fucked up, and need to stop.

By the way, here's a fun game to play. Surf different blogs and look for people defending the ban on Gay marriage. It shouldn't be too hard to find, after all, 51%!!! Once you do, take the comment and replace the word 'gay' with 'black' and 'marriage' with 'vote' or 'own property'. Then imagine that person dancing and shooting guns in the air as he says it.

Welcome to the New America...



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Anonymous Anonymous blathered...

you are whats called a liberal JO. everything Colin talks about is true but the PC limosuine liberal upper west side faggots shake in their shoes to offend anyone.

5:36 PM


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