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Monday, October 31, 2005

Special Halloween Edition Of Staggering Through Fog*

* - By special Halloween edition, I just mean I'm publishing the reprint on Halloween. Otherwise, it has absolutely nothing to do with today's holiday...

Trying to find the happy medium between sitting in the corner quietly discussing French poetry and loudly demanding to know who stole his pants while the cops drag him away, Barrespondent Drew gets settled in for more good old fashioned drinkin’.

Maybe it’s because we’re about halfway between St. Patrick’s Days, but we seem to have been going to a lot of Irish bars lately. There’s just something about a good Irish pub in the fall that’s really, really comfortable. Really, is there anything better than a good Irish whisky chased by a Bass or Guinness when the weather is getting cold and damp?

As we’ve stated before, however, it takes a lot more than a few brass rails and ‘Erin Go Bragh’ flags to fool us. In creating an authentic Irish pub, getting just the right mixture of happy green hangout and depressed drunken hole is crucial. If it’s too clean, we might as well be in Vegas, and if it’s too dirty, then it’s… too dirty.

An Bodhran in the Lower Haight will do nicely thank you very much. An infant by San Francisco bar standards (a mere 10 years or so), one gets the feeling walking into this place that its been there for generations. They’ve really done a terrific job here of getting the balance right. It’s dark, dingy and suspect while at the same time feeling totally inviting and friendly.

Service here has always been top notch. We’ve been here when its been totally crammed and completely empty and have never had to wait more than a minute to get the bartender’s attention. Drinks are made with love and skill and if you’re so inclined, most of the people behind the bar here are good conversationalists as well.

It really is amazing the neighborhood feel that this place has acquired over the last few years. You wouldn’t think that a bar could develop such a loyal following in such a short period of time, but if there’s any place that deserves it, it’s An Bodhran.

So as the fog creeps over more and more of the city this fall, get into a top shelf Irish bar like An Bodhran. Your cold fingers and toes will thank you for it.

Liver… Out!!



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