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Friday, October 14, 2005

Hey, It Worked For Killing Trading Spaces...

Yeah I admit it. I love reality TV. Big Brother, Survivor, The Apprentice. You name a show that hip and cool people love to despise and I fucking love it. What can I say? To me there's nothing more satisfying than watching some fame-hungry douchebag or sorority sister get humiliated on a national stage, completely unaware of how much damage they've just done to the rest of their life. It's wonderful to think of these short sighted assholes going on a job interview in 10 years only to have the manager look up from their resume and say, "Hey, aren't you that dipshit that ate all the peanut butter on 'Real World 21, Nashville'? Sorry, but we need team players here at WalMart". (joke stolen from Todd Barry)

Anywho, considering myself a bit of an expert on this meaningless shit, I can confidently say that CBS is ruining what may be the best reality show ever created, The Amazing Race. They've decided to screw with the usual tried and true formula of arguing, abusive couples fighting for plane tickets to fly to India and push aside people who haven't eaten in a month in a race around the world.

Yup, they fucked with it good. This season it's 'Family Edition'. Now we get to see the hellish demon spawn of these American Idol worshipping retards (Before you say anything, American Idol is NOT a reality show, but rather a shitty talent competition. Much like the Gong Show but without a sense of humor about itself). And if there's anything that makes something good unwatchable, it's throwing bratty kids into the mix. And to make it even worse, they're not even leaving the United States!! So now, not only do I have to watch boring suburbanites and their petulant bratty kids, I don't even get to see them leave the comfort of their stupid minivan.

Thanks a lot Amazing Race. You switched my chocolate sundae with good old American horseshit.



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