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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Destiny... Destiny... No Escaping, That's For Me...

To witness something silly once is fun. It can be explained away by simple happenstance. Just another example of some blithering idiot doing something stupid.

But to witness it a second time. Ooohh!! Now we have a trend! No longer can it be categorized as the lunatical ravings of one sad mind all hopped up on who knows what. Now it's a part of the woven fabric of history, sewn by the collective moron known as Mr. or Mrs. America...

For the second time in my life, purely by accident, I have encountered a retarded child named 'Destiny'. No foolin', No fuckin' around, I'm dead fucking serious here. Once in Bronx, New York, and now in Oakland, California, two people took a look at their mongoloid child with a forehead like a drive-in movie theatre (thanks Farrelly brothers) and said, "let's call her 'Destiny'".

That's completely hilarious!

Even if you come from a family of 15 and 14 were 'developmentally challenged'. Even if you've devoted your whole life to advancing the image of the 'differently abled', you've got to admit that naming a retarded kid 'Destiny' is comedy gold.



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