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Friday, October 07, 2005

SouthWest Airlines Can Suck It...

I've always hated Southwest Airlines. I know, a lot of people freaking love it and think their 'bus of the sky' attitude is just peachy. I guess I wouldn't have a problem with their 'first come first served' seating policy, if they ever actually used it.

Every time I've ever flown them it's the same sad story. I get there 3 hours early or print out my boarding pass online to make sure I get an 'A' ticket, which is supposed to mean that I board first. Being that I'm a genetic freak that doesn't fit into normal airplane seats (6'8" you midget bitch), I like to get the seat of my choice. Unfortunately, Southwest's 'who cares' attitude also extends to people who get to preboard. Basically, anybody with a child under the age of 20 or that might be retired, or that just doesn't feel like waiting in line qualifies for their preboarding process. So that time you spent sitting on the floor in line 'A' is fucking useless. Yup, screw the fact that I've been sitting Indian style on the floor of your fucking plane gate for 3 hours, some dipshit redneck asshole complained to the person at the desk that 'they don't like to wait in line' and so suddenly they're 'pre-board' material.

All that aside, here's the best reason ever to hate Southwest;


Yup, free speech may exist in America, but apparently it doesn't exist onboard the flying hayride that is Southwest Airlines. I urge everyone to do the same as me and refuse to fly them for the rest of their lives.

You are now free to go out of business...



Anonymous Anonymous blathered...

SW Airlines out of IAD has bad customer service. Gate agents have an attitude and because of their attitude, they have lost me as a long-term, high-mileage flyer.

I'll gladly toss my mileage rather than fly again with them.

Seriously bad airline.

2:48 AM

Anonymous Anonymous blathered...

I recently received a LUV voucher that had an expiration date on it. I thought that I to book travel by the expiration date on it since it didn't say differently. Anyway, when I tried to use it it was denied because I was traveling later.

Long story short, SWA stole $257 from me!

Long time high mileage flyer and they lost me.

9:07 PM


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