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Monday, October 03, 2005


You lose, bee-atch!

Is there anything more gratifying than watching the following;

Let's say you know this woman and she's a real hardcore cunt. All she talks about is herself, her sorority, her stupid suburban house that her square-jawed tool of a husband bought for her and how much she loves Jesus, Oprah and Desperate Housewives in that order.

Then let's say you find out that her husband is cheating on her. Not really liking her doesn't prevent you from wanting people not to suffer, so you try and let her know. However, any time you've tried to talk to this hagged-out skank and clue her in about the rim jobs he's getting in the back of the auto dealership, she flips out on you, calls you jealous and storms off.

So you shrug your shoulders, tell yourself you tried to help and go on with your life.

But then it happens. You get to watch this miserable, vacant shit head collapse in a pool of life-failure when she finds out what's actually been going on. All her excuses, all her rationalizations and everything she's about break apart into smaller and smaller pieces the tighter she tries to hold on to them.

So who did this happen to? I'll give you a hint, the woman is every Republican, the husband is George W. Bush, and the whore in the back room of the car dealership is Harriet Miers, his new nominee for the supreme court.

HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!

For 5 long years, you dipshits have been waiting. Putting up with the war, defending his inability to speak, towing the party line like Karl Rove's little lap dogs. All for what? All so that he would appoint Christians like you to the Supreme Court and you could finally stop the terrible baby holocaust. We tried to tell you over and over and over that he didn't give two fucks about any of you and your stupid God causes and you ignored us.

All that work, all that lying to yourself and all that time putting flyers on windshields decrying John McCain's 'negro' baby and Max Cleland's legless anti-Americanism.

All for nothing.

Serves you right, shit head...



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