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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Right In Your Liquor Hole...

Because the only thing more fun than telling yourself that you’ve “got to stop drinking so much” is trying to remember why you would ever say such a thing when you’re blind drunk 12 hours later. So without further ado, Barrespondent Drew takes another local bar for some test spins.

In order to protect our reputations as ‘Equal Opportunity Drunks’, we decided to forgo dive bars this week and hit some place swanky. You know, one of those places where people from Walnut Creek who still talk about Sex & The City hang out. It sounds awful to us too, but we’re willing to take the bullet for our beloved readership.

Wish, on Folsom and 12th, is a nice enough little spot. Long and dark with all kinds of mood lighting and candles, it’s clearly laid out for people to check one another out above all else. It's hard to imagine a scenario where we’d be completely comfortable in a place like this, whether it was wall to wall people or totally empty. We’re pretty sure this is entirely on purpose, however, as the words ‘relaxing’ and ‘bridge and tunnel meat market hotspot’ are rarely used in the same sentence.

But you know what? We didn't hate this place. Amazingly enough, the drink selection, prices and service were all top notch at Wish. Pints of Stella were only $3 and the bartender came out from behind the bar repeatedly to keep tabs on us. They seemed to have a great premium vodka selection, and looking briefly at the drinks menu introduced us to many yummy sounding martinis.

Overall, we’d have to recommend this place. Sure, its got all the trappings of an awful, dot-com era SOMA bar, but they’ve managed to give the place at least a little bit of personality, which was more than we were expecting walking in.

Liver… Out!!



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