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Monday, October 03, 2005


Offsetting the high cost of Bay Area drinking by just skipping dinner altogether (sometimes the simplest solutions are the best!), Barrespondent Drew meets another liquor dispensing establishment head on.

As was mentioned a few weeks ago, our new favorite part of town is the outer Mission/ Glen Park/ Bernal Heights. Actually, that’s one of the things we’ve come to love about the area where Mission meets Valencia, its refusal to be easily categorized. Whatever this area of town is called, its got a great selection of quality dives filled with quality people. That, and compared to many other areas of town, you’re not over run with people trying to out-hipster each other. At least not yet. This area is well on its way to coolness, so get here and enjoy yourself while you can.

Nap’s 3, on Mission a block or so south of Cesar Chavez, will probably be the lone holdout to gentrification in ten years or so. Already the divey-est bar on the block, as places around it get progressively more hip and trendy, Nap’s seems to take a step in the other direction. For every microbrew or DJ that somewhere like Argus gets, Nap’s probably lets the Bud Light get a little more flat.

We say ‘good for them’. Nap’s serviceable bar and huge smoking patio makes for quality relaxing. So they’re not going to make the best Cosmo in town, or stock that Single Malt you’ve only seen in Edinburgh that one time, so what? Every once in awhile it’s good to go back to the basics, cheap beer and bottom shelf liquors.

So let your scenester friends pay the cover to get into El Rio. You’ll be laughing all the way to the bank when you get your less expensive drink on right next door.

Liver… Out!!



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