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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Pardon? The Eruption!!

Stinking Hypocrites!

I know the season's been over for days now, so why would anyone want to hear anything about basketball, right? C'mon, you know there's nothing else to talk about. Baseball? It's not even July yet. There's no Olympics, no World Cup, no Euro Championships. About the only thing left to look forward to is football, which should be holding the Hall of Fame game any time now.

But anyway, back to basketball. I'm here today to defend one Timothy Duncan and call all the nay-sayers who rip him up a bunch of stupid hypocrites. We've all heard the chant, "Duncan's soft. He's boring, he doesn't play with enough passion.".

Most of this is bullshit. If you watched the finals, Duncan many times got his own rebound and putback, against Ben Wallace! He scrapped, he fought, he generally kicked ass against the best defensive team in the league whose main goal was to stop Tim Duncan. So let's just lay all that stuff to rest.

The only thing Duncan IS guilty of is being boring. He's an awful interview. Mainly because there's no anticipation that he's going to say something incredibly stupid like when you interview Allen Iverson or Rasheed Wallace. You also won't get the dreadful 'comedy stylings' that you get when you interview Shaq O'Neal. Nope, he just answers your questions. No 'N'-word, no shout outs to his baby's mamas, just simple boring answers to the boring questions you're asking.

Sportswriters are like sharks, if they stop circling around the bloodbath swallowing everything in sight, they die. Given the choice, it's much easier to write a trash piece about Ron Artest punching some dude than it is to write how polite Mr. Duncan answered all your questions to your satisfaction. That doesn't mean he's a rotten player, however, or that his reputation is tarnished, it just means that someone finally listened to sportswriters who spent their entire career talking about what assholes athletes are.



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