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Friday, June 24, 2005

Happy Pride Weekend

If even a small part of anyone reading this holds any form of intolerance towards gay people, please take this weekend to ask yourself 'why?'. What is it that homosexuality does to you that makes you so uncomfortable? Do you really believe that the whole institution of marriage will collapse if a man or woman is allowed to visit the person they've decided to spend the rest of their life with in the hospital? No, really? Really??

The only thing that makes people frightened by homosexuality is ignorance. I beg you to question your pastor's stance on this. You never know, he just might be wrong about something sometime. If you'd bother to get to know some gay people, you'll find out that they aren't sexual predators running around trying to enlist your kids. They're just normal, everyday people who deserve something other than your irrational hatred.

Finally, just think how you would like history to think of you. Do you really want people looking at footage of you and your neighbors the same way we look at pro-segregationists of the 50s and 60s, shaking our heads and wondering how you could've been so wrong?

Just some food for thought. Have a great weekend.



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