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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Free To Wallow In Their Own Crapulence

As absolute power continues to gnaw away and erode any sense of right or wrong that may have once existed in their brains, the Republican power machine continues its steady descent from villiany to cartoonish super villiany.

Wisconsin Congressman James Sensenbrenner (Douchebag, Wisc.) does his party and state a real disservice by cutting off his opposition's microphones, taking his gavel and going home. Congratulations James, you just confirmed what some of us already knew but some only suspected; your party is full of a bunch of petulant, tiny-dicked crybabies whose rise to power is filled with so many back alley blowjobs and opportunistic lies that when faced with any sort of reasoned debate your cock retreats into your body like you just jumped into a frozen lake.

I guess, to be fair, the hearing was about the 'Patriot' Act. I suppose if it'd had anything to do with freedom or common rights or dignity you may have allowed for some descenting opinion. You're probably one of those congressmen who think that 'Marbury v. Madison' was just a load of crap anyway and that the Bill of Rights is just a big pain in the ass that stands in the way of congress getting to have an 'up or down' vote on everything.

With any luck (and a few more grade school-quality hissy fits) you'll get your precious Patriot Act 2 and we'll be a few more steps along the road to turning this country into the kind of efficient minority -killing and torture machine that Joe Stalin himself would've been proud of.



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