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Sunday, June 26, 2005

S to the F-ay with a little bit of 'ist'

Always making the scene in Tux and Tails, the very picture of high class. Ok, fine, usually half an hour late having forgotten to wear pants, Barrespondent Drew wanders around in search of more aimless drunkitude.

Perhaps the most comical thing you can come across during any pub crawl is a ‘scene that doesn’t know it’s a scene’. Nothing gets us giggling and pointing faster than people hanging out and posing while trying desperately hard to look like the kind of folks that despise hanging out and posing.

There are many variations on this theme, be it the ‘pretty people only’ hangouts of the Marina or the packs of sensitive twenty-something mop-tops that seem to frequent Clement Street these days, scenes are everywhere. And it’s just so darn cute to watch them mill around like pidgeons while pretending to be so unique. Check out one of the biggest ‘scenes for people who hate scenes’ after the jump.

Zeitgeist on Valencia and Duboce is part rough and tumble biker bar, part tattoo convention and part Oktoberfest. If you’ve lived anywhere in the Southeastern part of the city and never been to their back yard on a hot summer’s day, you’re missing out on a great San Francisco people watching experience.

On any sunny day, the outdoor area of Zeitgeist is filled with more trust funds than a Dupont family reunion. Scraggly, tat-laden tough guys try and convince everyone around them how much they’re living on the edge while wearing head-to-toe Von Dutch and riding up on a bike that costs as much as some people’s yearly mortgage.

You would think that this nonstop leather-off would be annoying, but Zeitgeist is such a large space that you can just grab one of their 20 or 30 drafts (available in pitchers, woo-hooo!), sit back and enjoy the show. They also cook up a mean burger to complete the backyard barbeque experience.

Bartenders here can be a little curt, but this place does get pretty slammed most nights, so that’s easy to forgive. And on colder nights when outside isn’t such a great option, while there’s quite a bit of room inside, it does get really packed and really loud most nights.

So if you want a time-capsule quality snapshot of what The Mission’s all about, get over to The Zeitgeist and observe ‘Ducati Rider’ in his natural habitat.

Liver… Out!!



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