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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

No One Really Cares About The Truth Unless You're Talking About A Cum-Stained Dress

Watching Tucker Carlson's brain-gelling wank-fest last night (AKA 'The Situation'), I got to experience the right's official position on Karl Rove leaking the name of a covert CIA operative for purely political reasons;

"No one cares and it probably shouldn't be illegal anyway.". Yup, that's it. So go nuts Karl Rove! A dipshit mouthpiece for the right will let people know when it's something they should care about. You know, burning issues we need to hear discussed like a car that drove into a pool or Kobayashi's Hot Dog eating championship (actual 'issues' brought up on yesteray's show).

One of the other idiots on the show (there's too many to count) made this genius point; "Valerie Plame wants her identity kept a secret? Then why did she pose for a magazine cover?". Well, retard, probably because she was already outed at that point and didn't want the whole story to get swept under the rug by the very same Cleveland-Steamer loving toad who ruined her career in the first place.

'Mr. Bowtie dick' then managed to keep a straight face while citing some 'article' (which was probably a Town Hall column) stating that the people who wrote the law against outing CIA agents weren't really sure it should be illegal. This of course is the equivalent of someone being brought up on drug charges using the "George Washington smoked dope" defense. Well played, Dick, but even most Republicans would probably concede that jeopardizing national security to petulantly get back at someone for writing a book is probably not such a great thing.

Hopefully, some terrible activist judge will eventually get this case and, not realizing that people just don't care because we're busy watching Britney Spears try and raise her baby, will ignore the overwhelming evidence that outing covert CIA operatives is actually a good thing and put Karl Rove in a prison where he can pay people to pee on him with cigarettes instead of political favors.

As for Tucker, keep up the good work. Your awful attempt to distract a nation that's slowly waking up to the fact that they've been lied to for the last 5 years isn't working. If MSNBC is even paying attention at all, The Situation will be cancelled soon enough. Maybe then you can beg your way onto Fox in time to watch their ratings plummet like they have everywhere else you've worked.



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