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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

MTV Get Off The Air

This guy and his mopey band are apparently no match to heavyhitters like Keane and Green Day...

As original as I've always thought my opinions were, turns out someone else also thought MTV's coverage of 'Live 8' was piss poor and unbelievably bad.

I'm glad that MTV realized that what we really wanted to see was MC Lyte and the rest of the teenage idiot VJs prattle on and talk over the acts. I would guess that the average 'meaningless bullshit, wow, isn't this great?, this is sure gonna do some good although I'm not sure how' to actual music ratio was something like 90 to 1.

Thankfully I Tivo'd and sped through most of the coverage, otherwise I would have had to sit through hours upon hours of MTV retards showing us a 30 second clip of a band playing followed by some gushing teenager who sounds like they literally don't understand one word that they're saying talking about what a valuable event this is (despite raising no actual money or anything).

Amongst the bands/acts that were completely missed; Duran Duran, Bjork (although a brief clip was shown at the end during the 'wacky foriegn bands' segment), Scissor Sisters, Travis, UB40, The Cure, A-Ha, Audioslave, Roxy Music, Kaiser Chiefs, Pet Shop Boys etc. (I would've also said Dave Matthews, but that was probably the only good call you made all day).

So thanks again MTV, you managed to take a perfectly interesting event and make it duller than a Joan and Melissa Rivers red carpet special.



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