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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Pat Benatar Was Right!!

Apparently, Hell is for children, at least according to this article by Rev. Mark H Creech. In matter of factly defending state sanctioned murder of people under the age of 18 using his Christian faith, the right honorable man of God says;

For all those who believe juveniles are never culpable enough to deserve capital punishment, consider this: Not everyone in hell is over the age of 18.

I can't remember a more sickening recent example of the church trying to use the bible as a pure instrument for disgusting, reactionary hate. Oh wait, yes I can...

So let me get this straight, Reverend, because you THINK, with no scriptures to back you up, that there are children in hell, then our government should be allowed to execute those children? What the fuck is it that the church is supposed to do if not try and protect the right to life of children? So that entire book that you claim has all the answers in it becomes meaningless if some black kid carjacks your Oldsmobile?

And I'm sure you also believe in the death penalty for an abortion doctor that terminated a pregnancy that resulted from rape or her uncle as well, right?

Or better yet, here's a brain teaser for you Reverend. Let's say that two twins were in the womb and when they were born, it became clear beyond any doubt that one of the twins had strangled the other one to death inside their mother's body. Why couldn't you execute the the one that lived? Clearly the baby is evil. Believing in the Bible the way you do you must believe that some kids are evil at conception, perhaps even spawns of Satan himself. Sound stupid? So does your entire faith, jackass.

Hat tip to S.Z. at World o'Crap.



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