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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Hip-Hop Invented By Long Island Socialite Whore?

According to this, this, and this, supremely annoying Long Island 'scenester' Lizzie Grubman, whose only purpose in life seems to be to get drunk, run over people and be the 'cool, plugged-in friend' to asshole millionaires who spend their days buying shoes and beating the help, popularized that until-recently unheard of form of music called 'hip-hop'. I'll let her explain. Oh Lizzie?

“No one believed in hip-hop but me. Everyone was like, ‘Lizzie, are you sure you’re going to be able to get this in the mainstream?’… But I would beat those reporters down, and look at it now. There’s nothing bigger. Everyone looks at me now and says, ‘You were so right.’… I can see things that nobody else can see.”

Well I'm glad that's cleared up. Thank god she was alive or else all forms of hip-hop culture would've just dried up and shriveled to nothing much like her overly-botoxed, leathery, 3-day old bacon slab of a face.

Give us a call when you want to take credit for Bob Marley.



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