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Monday, March 07, 2005

Albert Einstein Endorses Private Accounts!! Way To Go Einstein...

Secretary of the Treasury and Emperor Palpatine impersonator John Snow was on Stephanapolous Sunday and had this to say;

The thing that excites young people about Social Security private accounts is that the interest is 'compounded'. Albert Einstein once said that 'compounding' was the most powerful force he knew of. And I think if there's one person that understood the power of things, it was Mr. Einstein.

Boy, those young people must sure be dumb. After all, you don't have to do anything but throw out a word that EINSTEIN used to impress them.

He also went on to say that what attracts young people to private accounts is the 'chance' that their investments will do better than they would have under old Social Security. You got that right, John! I sure do like the idea of 'chance' when it comes to being able to afford food and medicine, which is why I say, why not do away with accounts altogether and just give retirees $500 in lottery tickets every month? Then there's a chance they could be MILLIONAIRES and never have to worry about food or medicine ever again!

I dunno, it's a hard decision. I'd hate to see an entire generation of senior citizens wiped out and starving in the streets because of a 'correction' in the market, but then again, Einstein did have sex with Marilyn Monroe...

Alright, Mr. Preznit man, you and Einstein got my vote!



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