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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It's So Simple, Just Don't Be A Dick...

As Guckertgate continues to back republicans into laughable stances wherein they accuse liberals of being homophobic, now that the fluids/dust has dried/settled I thought I would throw in my two cents about JimJeff.

Let's start with something obvious, people lie. People lie all the time. People in Washington D.C. lie almost continually. I don't have a problem with this. When you are are constantly monitored, and not an actor or actress, you must present a certain persona constantly. Being a political figure in today's day and age is like being on The Real World or Survivor, except people don't immediately forget about you after 6 months requiring you to come back and appear on 'The Gauntlet' or 'Real World vs. Jackass challenge' or whatever. It's just an unfortunate side effect of the amount of media coverage these days.

Some people lie a lot more than others, and some lie for more shitty and evil reasons. Discerning who's lying the most and for what gain is what following politics is all about. Once you figure out what everyone's covering up, then you have the truth and can make up your mind.

So my problem with Jimmy Guckert-Gannon isn't that he lied, or that he's gay, or that he seems like a self-hating gay who fights against gay causes because he despises who he is. My problem with Jim Guckert is that he's an asshole. A jerk, a dick, a first class fuckwad of a taint, call him what you will. The day that he said 'Hit me with your best shot liberals, I've got nothing to hide' and then proceeded to try and hide everything, he became someone worthy of picking apart and discarding on the dung-heap of society. If you're guilty of something, either own up to it or don't. Either quietly admit your wrongdoings or quietly deny them. The one thing you can't do is wave your cock around begging everyone to investigate you and then essentially calling them assholes for doing what you just told them to do.

Why is it so hard for so many people like JimJeff to not be douchebags? I can live in a world where people aren't always truthful. I can tolerate a world where salesmen aren't always forthcoming about the downsides of things. But It's more and more difficult to live in a world where the lying salesmen are also cocky pricks about it, lying to your face and then shoving you in the chest and daring you to knock them down. And then if you do, crying and crying about how you're trying to ruin their lives with personal attacks. How many hundred times have you heard the right lately use their new favorite phrase, 'the politics of personal destruction'? I'll give you a hint, probably the same number of times you've heard Savage/Hannity/Limbaugh use the term 'Feminazis' or 'Hitlery Clinton' or 'The blame America first crowd'.

If Jim Guckert was a woman, he'd be the biggest punchline in Washington D.C. history. A prostitute that got to pretend to be a reporter and ask the President of The United States questions because he had sex with the right closeted member of the most anti-gay administration of the 20th century. That's jaw dropping! That's news! That's pretty goddamn fucking remarkable at least! And yet they're sweeping it under the rug, and STILL talking about some chunky girl who gave Clinton a hummer 8 years ago. What the fuck?

And now Guckert wants his fellow republicans, the same people that proudly stand for denying homosexuals equal rights under the law and privately believe it to be a disease for which you can be cured through Christ, he now wants those same people to bail him out and make him a 'reporter' again. How is it that a man so delusional, so misled about the power of his own penis, so completely in love with himself to the point that he's convinced himself that he's a 'pundit' with 'important things to say' and not just a narcissistic dick-sucker who knew just how to tickle some White House employees balls, how is it that he hasn't collapsed under the weight of his own bullshit?

The only remedy I can see is to keep the story alive at all costs. No matter how much the evil, 'liberal-biased' media tries to bury it, keep talking about it and eventually, they've got to turn on this guy and finger (pun intended) who the real crooks are in this story.

UPDATE: Find out what Gucky's been up to here.



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