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Friday, February 11, 2005

Trying To Imagine Who This Appeals To

The darling of the most recent Sundance Film Festival seems to be the documentary "Inside Deep Throat", which bascically is a documentary about the making of the 'groundbreaking' porno movie from the 70s. In response to the acclaim it's getting, they're also going to re-release Deep Throat itself.

Now I must've really missed something the one and only time I saw this movie. Because, from what I saw, it's people fucking. Yes, perhaps it was the first time it was ever shown that graphically, but it's still people fucking. That's it. No space aliens, no plot twist, no plot. Just run-of-the-mill, you got your chocolate in my peanut butter fucking. Which is why I can't imagine that anyone would need to drag their girlfriend downtown, find parking, get a Frappuccino and pay the $20 to 're-appreciate' this movie. IT'S PEOPLE FUCKING. What more are you hoping to see the second time around?

I know there's a big 'retro-porn' movement and that crowds have been flocking to go see Christina Applegate/Aguilera perform 'burlesque' in Hollywood (I'll save how much I think that's bullshit for another post), but c'mon, are people really going to rush out to the local art house to delight in old 1970s footage of some fat hairy guy shoving his cock into some coked-out bimbo?

Five years from now, are people going to be confused when they watch 'Taxi Driver' and see Cybill Shepard's disgust that Robert DeNiro's idea of a good date is XXX hardcore? Will film-geeks decontruct porn in school and write term papers on the cultural significance of 'Puckering virgin Assholes 4'? Probably not, so the only purpose this re-release seems to serve is as a big giant lightning rod for Focus on The Family and every other religeous nut. They'll all lose their shit shouting, "See! See! I told you all them Hollywood types are evil!".

And while I certainly don't have a problem with pushing the religeous right's buttons, at least do it with movies that have proper money-shots.



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