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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Why Geeks Will Always Be Geeks

Props to Generik (not because of any inherent geekiness, but for the link to the article that inspired this, which was sent with eyes fully rolled and with due sense of irony and not at all.. oh, fuck it).

If you've got the time (and let's face it, you're reading this, so you do), check out this oh-so-clever, insult-laden 'Triumph The Insult Comic Dog' ripoff. Its target? the T-ball league comedy softball called 'Star Wars Fan'. Aim high Mr. comedy writer!!

Anyway, my favorite 'dig' occurs about halfway down the page. There is a picture of someone slightly unattractive and lonely looking (Oh my God!!! At a Star Wars convention??) with the caption, "Saving throw against homosexualty: Failed...". Now WAIT JUST ONE GODDAMN MINUTE. In order to find this 'insult' funny, you have to be, a) slightly homophobic and ,b) have played Dungeons and Dragons at some point in your life. How specific of a demographic are you shooting for here?

This is worse than anything Jeff Foxworthy ever did. Insult nerd comedy directed at nerds is AWFUL. That you would make such an obscure D&D reference in the middle of some clever, 'snarky' jab at geeks is about the most pathetic thing imaginable. What's next, Jew jokes told in hebrew? The wonderful thing about the internet is that you could possibly convince people that you're not a mouth-breathing nimrod living in your parent's basement. But insults like that just give it away.

Now don't get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for self-depricating humor, but this is self-depricating with 'self' clumsily crossed out. Don't try and pass yourself off as 'hipper than thou' cutting edge Bill Hicks-esque when in actuality you're nothing more than a butt-licking fanboy with a man-crush on Don Rickles and a collection of Lord of The Rings figures.

Of course the richest irony of all is that as a teenager I once dressed up as 'Dr. Who' at a convention. It's only ironic because I'm so stinking cool now!



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