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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Do You Like To Laugh? Sure, We All Do...

Don't forget to take the 'Are you a Hall or are you an Oates?' Quiz.

Anyone that knows me or is fortunate enough to have waited for a bus with me soon gets a taste of my love for 'famous people' stories. From that time I held a door open for Sylvester Stallone to the time I told M. Knight Shyamalan that he'd never amount to shit cause no one likes Indians, if you give me 5 minutes, I WILL regale you dammit.

But instead I'd like to talk about people I know that are GOING to be famous, people that are someday going to give me an office on a movie lot where nothing is expected of me but to possibly freak out if I don't get my 12:30 chicken sandwich delivered on time.

Brian Farrelly and Jay Barba, whose website, Liebography, can be seen here, are destined for big things. And I don't mean that in the way a mother talks about her retarded kid or the way a male prostitute says it to make you feel not so guilty about paying for sex. I mean, they're actually talented. At least talented enough to understand the comedy goldmine that are Matthew and Gunnar Nelson.



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