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Friday, January 28, 2005

It Costs $100 To See Troy Murphy Holla, He Gets Paid To Do The Wild Thing

This is what I'd look like if someone punched me in the nose like a million times.

Hey, here's something funny. I attended a Golden State Warriors game last week. And while this wouldn't be such a thigh-slapper in most of the rest of the country, in the bay area, the thought of watching our local Special Olympians once again get the taste slapped out of their mouth in person is rib-ticklingly chuckle-tastic.

A friend of mine got the tickets through work, which I'm convinced is the ONLY way that anyone gets tickets. Not because they're hard to get, O' Contraire, because large corporations are the only people stark raving stupid enough to cough up a hundred bucks a pop for mediocre seats so you can watch Adonal Foyle and Eduardo Najera get colonoscopies by the rest of the league.

Now I love sports as much if not more than your average dude, so I was able to have a few horrendously overpriced beers and still have fun. But if I had actually had to PAY for those tickets? I'd be looking for the next Ron Artest to heave my Bud Light at. That guy that came on the court would look like Mahatma Gandhi compared to me trying to get a refund.

And even if it is only corporations buying the seats, what kind of Nebraska wood-whittlin' hillbilly do you have to be to be 'impressed' by Warriors tickets? "Well I reckon we can't give you that big contract cause'n.....WHOA!!! MICHAEL DUNLEAVY??!! HERE'S A BLANK COMPANY CHECK!!".

Oh yeah, and Go Sonics.



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