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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Oh Oregon, What're We Gonna Do With You?

It's still not as offensive as the Bette Midler sponsored stretch of Hwy 101.

Like most of you (fuck, I hope all of you), my first reaction was that this sign located just outside of Salem, Oregon was just fucking awful, but then I thought of trying to find a solution. Fuck fighting them in court, any victory against them would just be a victory at the cost of free speech laws, so that's no good. And I'm pretty sure they can't be 'reasoned' with, so what to do?

If I lived near this stretch of road, my solution would be to bring ALL my trash there. If the Nazis are responsible for keeping this stretch of highway clean, then I'd like to do my part to ensure that it's so choked with refuse that you can't drive down it without holding your nose and screaming, "C'mon you anti-semitic douchebags, get those dirty diapers out of my way!".

Hell, I think I'd even go as far as using that stretch of road as my own personal rest stop. It'd be worth it just to imagine the look on the local grand dragon's face as he brings his toothless buddies to see their new sign and squints his eyes and exclaims, "Is that human shit that someone has smeared all over our sign?"

Yes it is, Cletus, yes it is...

Props to JewSchool



Blogger TheAlGuy blathered...

Adopt a Highway Programs usally work by bidding on a strech of hiway... some one could out bit them for it... but you are right going to court just gives the right more ways to shut us all up... and gets them in the news...

11:28 AM


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