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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Roy Freaking Schildt

This is my hero. Get used to it bitches, cause this guy to me represents to me the apex of the pinnacle of the zenith of human existence.

Roy Schildt, Missle Command world champion, ladie's man, Awesome human being, perhaps second only to Billy Mitchell in the 80s videogame pantheon of superheroes, Roy Schildt is not just the shit, he is everything shit wants to be.

Soak it in, but not for too long! You must leave time to go out and be the most 'Schildt-like' person you can be!

UPDATE: Look at those Pants!! Oh my god, are those tights?



Anonymous j blathered...

I suggest you take a look at a man named "Ned Troide" if you want to see a real video game hero.

1:07 PM

Anonymous Anonymous blathered...

Yeah some Hero Ned turned out to be:

2:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous blathered...

I knew him well. I suppose he'd kill me if he found out that I'm telling this, but he was not Video game hero, I was there that night, and at least once, he went off to sleep in his car, while another took over playing for him. We all knew as well as the manager of the Arcade.

3:49 PM


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