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Monday, December 27, 2004

If This Is Losing, I Don't Wanna Win

Saw the year end awards on The McLaughlin Group over the weekend. I loved Pat Buchanan's award for year's biggest 'loser'. He gave it to Hollywood.

So take that, guy who makes $100 million/year and occasionally gets put in the newspaper for saying the same bullshit about politics that we all do. You're such a loser! Why can't you be more like Britney Federline or Jessica Simpson?

What with the new moral majority being appointed new Sheriff and shows like Fear Factor and Desperate Housewives doing so poorly in the ratings because of their non-christian values, combined with the rocketing ratings of PAX and Highway to Heaven reruns, you Hollywood types better shape up or you'll be labeled 'loser' again by proven winners like Pat Buchanan!



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