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Friday, January 21, 2005

Hey, Do You Suck At Your Current Job? Then You're Hired!!

He's like the Homer Simpson to our nation's Frank Grimes.

Following yesterday's 'let's all close our eyes and pretend it's September 12, 2001' ceremony, why not learn some more about the new crop of greedy assholes who'll be draining the treasury for the next four years.

Sam Bodman, Secretary of Energy. It only makes sense. After all, he's only the former CEO of a company that finished 'top 5' in the nation's worst polluters for years.

It's semi-humorous if a few blatant criminals slip past the system and get promoted for using their influence to skirt the law and line the pockets of their greedy friends, but this is getting fucking ridiculous. Perhaps it would be easier to post a short list of things you would have to do in order to not qualify for a Bush cabinet post. I would imagine the list to include 'shitting on the american flag and then eating it' and 'no democrats' and that's it.



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