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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Top Ten

I'm busy being sick. Back soon. Until then, here's my current list of the blogs that I just can't go a day without. Call it the SCAMBOOGIES awards:

1. Norbizness, fulfills my once-a-day requirement of asking myself, "Is that a Simpson's quote or something from Aqua Teen Hunger Force?".

2. World O'Crap, Smartens me up while making me shake my head at the amount of crass, ignorant assholes that are out there clogging up the 'punditsphere' (I just made that word up).

3. A Perfectly Cromulent Blog, Great observations and funny shit from a professional film review writing guy.

4. Jesus' General, As sarchastic as as it gets. Brilliantly blasphemic!

5. Rude Pundit, For foul-mouthed venting, it can't be beat.

6. TBogg, similar to World O' Crap, but occasionally covers off-politic topics.

7. TVGasm, simply the best television website on the planet.

8. Something Awful, Tasteless, angry, brilliant.

9. This Modern World, the sensical ramblings of Tom Tomorrow.

10. Defamer, the best in celebrity gossip and making fun of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.



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