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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

It'll Probably Take Another Garment District Fire To Turn This Thing Around

As David Cross so rightly said on his two-cd freeform blast 'Shut Up You Fucking Baby', "George Bush doesn't care about you, he doesn't care about your Granny, or your street. He doesn't give a fuck about any of you.".

A NYTimes editorial yesterday pointed out an additional threat that far right-wing courts pose in the coming years. Naturally it's terrifying that Roe v Wade could be overturned, but check this out;

"If the Supreme Court drifts rightward in the next four years, as seems likely, it could not only roll back Congress's Commerce Clause powers, but also revive other dangerous doctrines. Before 1937, the court invoked "liberty of contract" to strike down a Nebraska law regulating the weight of bread loaves, which kept buyers from being cheated, and a New York law setting a maximum 10-hour workday. Randy Barnett, the law professor who represented the medical marijuana users, argues in a new book that minimum wage laws infringe on "the fundamental natural right of freedom of contract."
In pre-1937 America, workers were exploited, factories were free to pollute, and old people were generally poor when they retired. This is not an agenda the public would be likely to sign onto today if it were debated in an election. But conservatives, who like to complain about activist liberal judges, could achieve their anti-New Deal agenda through judicial activism on the right. Judges could use the so-called Constitution-in-Exile to declare laws on workplace safety, environmental protection and civil rights unconstitutional."

As Bill Walton would say, "Horrrrible....".



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