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Monday, December 13, 2004

Now That's Good Geekery

I was watching something on the Trio network the other day about hardcore film geeks. Not the 'I've seen The Matrix 10 times' kind of geek, though. No, these are the 'I am a danger to myself and others because of my severe delusions' kind of geeks. The ones that shuffle down to the Museum of Modern Art every week to tell the projectionist which changeovers he screwed up during last week's screening of Dragees Au Poivre.

The greatest quote I've heard in quite a while was by one of the obsessed film nerds;

"It wouldn't be good enough to have sex with Rita Hayworth. You would have to have sex with Rita Hayworth in black & white".

Wow! That's fucked up on so many great levels. You have to imagine a mouth-breathing guy with a fanny pack and bad acne saying it and it's just amazing!



Blogger Chester blathered...

Personally, I would be elated just to watch Rita Hayworth have color or black-and-white.

3:47 PM


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