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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Quotes from the blog-o-circular thingy...

Here's a few co-miserators from around the sphere-like blog universe:

"The great stealth issue of this election was homosexuality. And maybe he's on the right track. If the red states think they can get along without us, let's let them do it without the government subsidies they currently get. No more farm subsidies. No more grazing subsidies. We'll keep our money, they can keep out the gays, and in 10 years let's see who's ahead" - Angry

"Bush and Rove have proven that there is no limit to how many elections you can win when you run a campaign based on lies and fear. If these are moral values, well, Bush can shove them up his ass" - The agonist, reporting from Kathmandu, Nepal.

"DLC moderatism is a dead horse we can now quit riding. Let’s face it, the appeasement strategy hatched in the mid-80s to combat Reagan is something less than a success. Clinton may have won on a DLC platform, but for god’s sake, look at what catastrophe it has wrought. Appeasement sucks ass. For once, let’s lead with our actual values. This is a wonderful opportunity for progressives to seize power in the moribund Democratic Party." - The American Street

"I should not be surprised that America is ruled by a bunch of dumb white "Christian" men. A little revelation: America's "Mainstream Values" are full of shit. If you want to gloat about your "victory", let's make it perfectly clear: You hate gays and you want to kill and torture Muslims. If that's something you want to be proud of, great." - And then

"The theocrats just assumed control of the judicial branch for at least twenty years. The courts are the true disaster of this election. Make no mistake, that is what the American political divide has come to: the secularists versus the theocrats" - The apostropher

"it looks like the Untied States is truly become a more hateful, intolerant country were God and greed reign. Truth has been marginalized. Impeachable actions apply only to a Democrat’s dick." - BlogAmy

"Memo to: Rest of the World
From: America
We sure showed you. You think you're all so smart, don't you? Well here in the good old USA, we have bibles and guns. We don't need no stinking brains. y'hear? - Blondesense

"once again, the Dems made the mistake of appealing to people's head and not their hearts. Speaking to their intellect and not their insecurities. Once again, we naively felt that if we could just show the Americans how bad Bush is. If we could just make our case with respect to all the lies his administration has told. All the blunders they made. The HAD to vote for Kerry, right? Wrong" - Chepooka

"It's kind of like waking up to a four-year collective hangover, vaguely remembering that something bad happened last night, and then looking over to see Ann Coulter sleeping peacefully next to you" - Dark Window

"I Don't Hate Polls, I just hate people. I think this one figure from CNN's exit poll data pretty much sums up my complete shock and disbelief today. Amongst the 11% of voters who reported that "Honest/Trustworthy" was the most important quality they wanted in a President, 70% chose Bush and 29% chose Kerry. For the life of me, I am fundamentally incapable of understanding how people who claim to believe that honesty and trustworthiness are key qualities could so overwhelmingly vote for Bush. I am completely at a loss. - Demagogue



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